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It has been about a year since we started this website magazine. As expected, we have made changes along the way. We can safely say that it is still a work in progress. Nevertheless, we wish to thank all those who continue to support us as we continue the journey toward achieving our goal.

We are pleased to announce several changes to our content and format to further enhance our product. We plan to increase our video content, add a weekly sports podcast and include environmental issues, style and a weekly column on ‘The Lighter Side’ of life in the Caribbean.

In taking this bold step, we will engage in a renewed marketing thrust. The new magazine will provide avenues for advertisements, positions vacant, call card display, professional services Listing, as well as a Job Award.

So, please continue to read as we open up new vistas that are guaranteed to interest you. To affirm our desire to interact with our readers, we invite talented readers to become regular contributors, if they so desire. We will appreciate your call to discuss your topic of interest. Please contact us at the e-mail addresses or phone numbers provided.

Thank you again, and we eagerly anticipate your support.

Errol A. Blake


The Caribbean Insight

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