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Some More Of The Latest Renewable Energy Trends

In our last piece we took some time to delve into the most recognizable and far reaching trends in renewable energy over the last year. Today we’ll be digging deeper as we assess the most stand-out trends that have emerged in recent times within the alternative energy market. Who’s outpacing the other and which countries are well poised to be the future leaders in renewable energy innovation? Previously, we mentioned that renewable energy spending has been increasing globally every year over the past decade. We also noted that this momentum has been stymied in the West by a sudden emergence of green-skepticism and proponents arguing in favour of traditional economic and military spending instead. Let’s look at the raw data however. Recall that we stated in 2015 the world spent almost $286 billion USD in renewable investments. What’s more important to note though is that $156 billion USD of that figure[1] came from the developing world. Just a few years ago the developed world had an indisputable monopoly on the renewable market yet in 2015 more than 50% of renewable energy investment originated in poorer countries. That’s not all as in a single year alone (2015), these wealthier countries saw

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